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July 6, 2016

6 Tips For Your Farmers Market Trip

It’s summer, the season of hiking, swimming and fun. Oh, and don’t forget, it is also farmers’ market time. Denver is replete with farmers’ markets and many people take advantage of the fresh fruit and vegetables available around town. Denver Farmers MarketSome however, are still a tad nervous when it comes to joining in on the fun. So, whether you are new to the experience or a seasoned connoisseur, these tips will help you get the most out of your trip.

1. Come Prepared

Before you head off to the farmers’ market you need to be prepared to spend some there. You need to understand that this isn’t a quick trip to the supermarket to pick up a few things. To get the most out of the experience and the best buys you need to walk around at least once to get the lay of the land. Don’t buy the first thing you see because you never know what’s around the corner.

Make sure you bring your own sacks and/or a cooler to keep things fresh on the way home. You may also want to make a bulk purchase and it will be easier to carry if you have your own stuff. It is recommended to make this trip the last one of the day or at least plan on going home before running any other errands. You don’t want all that yummy freshness to go bad in a hot car.

2. Timing Can Be Everything

The time you visit can be very important. To get the most popular items or the first pick of new crops you need to arrive right when it opens. To get the best prices come an hour or so before it closes. While most of the items have been picked over, the farmers may be more likely to negotiate bigger discounts rather than take the product home. This is a great time to make bulk purchases as well.

3 Ask Questions, Lots of Them

veggies and fruitsTalk to the vendors. Most of the people are the actual farmers who grew the produce. Ask them where they grew them, when were they harvested, and how long they’ve been at the Farmer’s market. Take a genuine interest in who they are and what they do. Ask them what their favorites are, when certain items are in season, and how to pick the best produce. You’ll never get this opportunity with a stocker at the grocery store.

If their products aren’t marked organic, don’t let it scare you. It can be quite expensive to get that certification, and they may actually be doing more than is required by law. By speaking with them you’ll get to know more about them and what they find is important. If you find you like what they have visit them often and let your friends know about them.

4. Buy in Bulk

If you can try to make bulk purchases especially on items that have a longer shelf life. Potatoes, corn, apples and other items can last longer than some fresh fruits and vegetables. If you like to can, make jams or pies, this is a great opportunity to get the quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables you need at much better prices. You can also work with some friends or neighbors and split the purchases. During strawberry season for instance, if you have 3 or 4 people buying in you can all save money and enjoy freshly picked berries. That’s a win-win-win!

5. Bring Cash

While technology has allowed the vendors to use apps for credit cards, buying with cash is the way to go. Most will appreciate saving the money on service fees and the faster transactions. Sometimes you can even make a better deal when buying with cash. Bring small to medium bills so they don’t have to deal with making change, and rounding up to nearest dollar will always make friends. In addition, it can help you budget because you can only spend what you bring.

6. Finally, be Adventurous

I recommend you try something new every time you go. For instance, heirloom tomatoes. While sometimes not the prettiest vegetable (please no comments about the fruit vs. vegetable delineation here, we’re all friends) they sometimes are the best tasting. Try a new kind of fruit, sample some of the baked goods, even the healthy ones, and look for a vegetable you’ve never tried. Chances are you’ll run across a new favorite.

Farmers’ markets are a throwback to days of old, when the people who grew the food also sold the food. Not only are you supporting them financially, but you are supporting your community and having fun. So this Saturday, get up an hour earlier and go check out your local farmers’ market. For the market closest to you, check out this link.

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June 16, 2016

Storage Solutions for Small Spaces

Stuff, stuff, stuff. It is amazing how quickly we accumulate things. From clothes to knick-knacks, furniture to keepsakes, we have an innate ability to find things we must have. Throw in two boxes of Bronco’s Super Bowl souvenirs and now we are starting to build small castles of items. kitchen organizationOur suburban friends simply fill up their garages. You know the ones; they have their cars parked outside because there is no room in the designated spots. As Denver urban loft and condo owners, we must be creative in order to keep those invaluable mementos.

If You Don’t Use it, Lose it!

I have to start here. I know it pains us all, but it has to be done. I have a friend that had the privilege of working with hoarders on a regular basis. Not the typical too much stuff in the junk drawer variety, but the 18” path through the house type. He mentioned that 99% of the time over 90% of the items were either donated to charity or simply thrown away. While most of the things were “valuable” to the owner they rarely had street cred. It was often difficult, but it was the only way to make the home livable.

Here is the rule, if you don’t use or wear something, donate it. Even if you do lose those 15 lbs. over the summer, make your reward a new pair of pants. The old ones are probably out of date anyway. Old magazines are rarely collectibles. If there are articles that are important, cut them out and put them in a binder, better yet, scan them and recycle the magazine. If it’s really important, have one page framed and put it on the wall.

An easy way to sort is to make 3 piles. First pile is absolutely must keep, like mom’s favorite music box. Second pile is, I would like to keep but it is not important as the first pile and finally the last pile is stuff that must go. The trick is you only get to keep the first pile, and it must fit in one or two boxes. You will find yourself trading back and forth between piles. If you need help, find a pragmatic, unemotional friend. Often just the look of “are you really keeping that” will help you purge unneeded items.

Still Have Stuff?

Look around your loft or condo. If you have tall ceilings think tall bookcases. You can use nice cloth or wicker baskets to store items high without revealing to the world your love for sappy, 1940 movies. You can also install a high shelf that displays those special treasures that would ordinarily end up in a box in storage unit somewhere. This saves you space to store other items.

Think multipurpose -- there is an inexhaustible supply of ottomans and small chests that can double as coffee tables that also contain storage for blankets, games, movies or even movie snacks. Look for containers that allow you to store items under your beds. This is perfect for seasonal clothes and items that you don’t use all the time. In fact, store your off season clothes in your suitcase. If you only travel a few times a year this is a great place to store items and when you traveling having the items sitting on your bed won’t bother you.

Be Creative with Space

wine storageMy final advice is to be creative with space you have. Open areas under stairs, corner cabinets and decorative armoires provide great opportunities to store items. Hang pots and pans from the ceiling in the kitchen or create racks in your closets to maximize space. Get online and check out all the other great ideas from people that live in lofts, condos and mini houses from around the world. Here’s a good site to get you started. If you need more ideas, give us a call. We would love to share ideas, before those piles start building and I have to call my friend to come help you.

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May 24, 2016

Denver, Our Grade-A City

A+ rating

Photo credit - Greg Thow

There are many things that make Denver such a great place to live and continue to give our Mile High home an A+ rating from people all over the world. Some reasons are commonly known, while others may surprise you.


Denver is unlike most other cities. That’s why we love living here. Some of our idiosyncrasies have to do with our relationship with liquor. Usually, when a city was formed in the old west, it needed a bank, hospital, and jail. Denver started with a lowly saloon. Denver was originally named after James Denver. There were a few names in the hat, but Denver was accepted for a shared barrel of whiskey. Each year, Denver hosts the Great American Beer Festival, which is the top beer tasting and competition in the American brewing industry. There are also more than a dozen wineries in the Denver metro area. But imbibe with caution; alcoholic beverages can pack up to 3 times the punch in a city as high as a mile.


Don’t fret over Denver’s love of liquor leading to the beer gut. The Mile High City is also one of the healthiest locales in the nation. Denver has the largest city park system in the country, with 14,000 acres of mountain parks and 2,500 acres of natural areas. According to USA Today, Denver is one of America’s top 10 “thinnest” cities. The ranking is based on only 19.3% of its population being obese, which is low compared to other locations. Our altitude affects our attitude in exercise, too. Take note, golfers! Golf balls in our fair city roll 10% faster than they do at sea level. Denverites sure love the heck out of our fur babies, and they are getting in on the healthy action too. Denver was rated as the healthiest city in the country for pets by Purina, ranking high in categories like veterinarian to pet ratio and low number of fleas.


We love our night life, our health and our pets. We also love the arts like no other city. Did you know that Denver spends more per capita on art than any city in the United States? This isn’t a new thing. During the Gold Rush and the city’s inception, Denver had a performance of Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” before it even had a hospital or school. The city itself was built with aesthetics in mind. The 16th Street Mall in the heart of the city was created by I.M. Pei, who is a master architect who even designed the glass pyramid outside of the Louvre. If you look at the walkway of the mall from an airplane, the hundreds of thousands of granite paving stones are made to look like the skin of a western diamondback rattlesnake.

Obviously, Denver is unique in more ways than these. John Denver changed his name to pay it homage. Now THAT is love. Regardless of the reason for your infatuation, Denver is a city that loves its citizens back. It provides a beautiful place to work and have fun. The scenery is second only to the art. The Mile High city makes sure its citizens can stay happy and healthy enough to enjoy it for many years to come. If you are not here already, come join us!

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April 14, 2016

Love Your Kitchen

kitchen cabinetsBy far, one of the most amazing things about owning a home is the ability to decorate it and do makeovers whenever you want. As spring approaches, we all feel the urge to purge the clutter and organize. In addition, many of us have income tax returns burning holes in our pockets. The most important room in many homes is the kitchen. With some easy organizational tips, you can make your dollar go further and scratch your spring cleaning itch into submission.

Like Cooking, Start from Scratch

You don’t know where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re at. Starting from scratch is integral to any organizational plan. Empty out all your cabinets, keeping in mind three options: sell or donate, throw away, and keep. Pile all of your kitchen items according to those three labels.

Take a look at your newly formed piles. Separate the “keep” pile into smaller piles by function: storage, cookware, utensils, spices, etc. And of course, your trash pile. Get the unwanted items out of your house as soon as possible and remove the “donate” pile from your sight, as you will be tempted to keep it “just in case.” In fact, have a friend take it down to the thrift store right away.

Location, Location, Location

Now, let’s talk about where you’re going to put the items in each pile. Much like Denver property, location is the key. Cookware does take up a lot of space, but fight the urge to tuck it away, as you will need to access it easily, and if you can’t, all your hard organizational work will be undone in a matter of weeks. The house builders know that the pots take up the most space, so they have created the bottom cabinet for just that!

Here’s a trick. Store your pots with the handles in clear view. Not only will this give you ease of access, but you will be able to see the volume/size of each pot easily. Where to put the other items? Dishes should either be by the dishwasher or dining table. You get to choose. You’re the homeowner in Denver for goodness sakes! Like your dishes, your spices should be arranged by frequency of use. Tip: Put cork on the inside of the cabinet door to pin take out menus and recipes out of sight.

Have Fun

Whatever you’re doing, have fun. Make it a family event. Maybe even bake some cookies or have a “where’s the potato peeler contest.” However you do it, organizing and updating the kitchen not only makes your life better, but it can also add to the value of your home. For more tips give us call or check out the other great articles on our blog. Good luck and happy organizing.

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Feb. 24, 2016

Matterport: Changing How You See Your Next Home with 3D technology

I admit it, I'm a Tech Nerd

Let me start by openly admitting I am one who enjoys some new technology. When new apps come out on the iPhone, I love to try them out. I get emails from old tech buddies of mine asking me to give new products a try and I am always first to jump on the train to give the new gadgets a go. And don’t even get me started when it comes to new apps and tech stuff for real estate — that is when I really get excited! I know you are all anxious as to what I am about to show you so without any more anticipation let me introduce you to the newest marketing tool we are using at New Era; the newest way to view houses on the market, Matterport.

What is Matterport?

So what exactly is this new marketing tool we are using? Matterport (has a nice ring to it don’t you think?) is a 3D visual touring system that allows you to see every angle of any houses that we list. There are two ways you can view the house. The first is the “dollhouse” view that allows you, with the use of your arrow keys on your computer, to move around and see each room within the house. Inside dollhouseI recommend putting your computer on full-screen mode to get the most out of your virtual tour. You can view each level of the house as well as turning the house around to see each side of the house. The second view is the “floor plan” which is a birds-eye-view of the home allowing you to see how the house is currently laid out. Like many of the birds-eye-views you see in our brochures, this is just a more realistic layout of the house with whatever current furniture laid out in the place. You have the option to change your view that will put you right in the house as if you were really there walking around on a tour. Feel free to pull up the “highlights” bar located at the bottom of the page that shows you the best features of the home.

Dollhouse viewTry it out!

Here are a couple of homes I have listed with this neat technology:

5754 S. Olathe Street

2755 Saint Paul Street


  • Play around! Click, drag, use arrow keys and see what happens.
  • If you have a scroll wheel on your mouse, use it to zoom when you are "in" the house. Also click on the blue circles to move around.
  • And then click this icon to go back to the dollhouse view mode:
    Back to dollhouse

Benefits of Matterport

I predict that in the not-so-far future, every real estate agent will be using some sort of virtual 3D marketing tool system like Matterport. This unique and clever tool allows homebuyers like yourself the ability to go see a house without actually leaving their computer. Many of my clients are busy people with limited spare time during the day, and sometimes they can’t make it to look at homes immediately. Matterport allows them to look at houses I think fit their wants and needs on a timeline that works with their schedules. If they like what they see on the screen, we can move forward scheduling a time to go see the house in person. I am really psyched on this new program, and I can’t wait to be able to provide it to all of my current and future clients! New Era likes to provide tools that will help our clients, and this is just one more great tool we can access to help you sell your beloved house or help you find the house of your dreams.

Thinking about possibly selling your home and want this technology on your side? Come talk to us!

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Feb. 16, 2016

With the Denver Broncos, It’s All About Teamwork

Super Bowl Champions

broncos parade

What a win for the orange and blue! To say I am proud to call myself a resident of Denver is an understatement after that performance; those boys went onto the field and played their hearts out for over three hours, showing everyone what it looks like when a team comes together to play as one. It took the whole team last Sunday to secure the big win with the defense shutting down Cam Newton, the offense running more strategic plays and Peyton Manning using his leadership skills to direct the team. All of these technicalities played a part in the Broncos coming home Super Bowl champs, and it is this working together that I admire and hope to also bring to the work place at New Era.


new era mile highAsk anyone whom I work with and they will tell you, I am not one for labels in the office place. All the agents at New Era are a team and we like to see it as a big office full of co-workers who are all working for the same cause, to help clients sell their houses and help clients find the house of their dreams. The dominos won’t fall without the participation of everyone in the office; everyone has a job to do and is expected to show up each day with a positive attitude knowing they have 30+ other agents who are there willing to help them out with anything they need. I knew a long time ago that a workplace needed to be filled with workers who are encouraged, pushed, mentored and given the opportunities on a daily basis to grow and learn. Friendly competition around the office is just that: friendly, because I don’t want agents working against one another to get ahead. I want them working together to grow stronger as individuals, which will ultimately grow to a stronger team as a whole. That’s what the Broncos displayed last week: that if the whole team worked together, they increased their chances of winning, and in the end they came out on top.

Denver Pride

If we didn’t have enough good things to say about this city, now we can say we are home to the Super Bowl champions of Super Bowl L. Denver is an amazing city, with so much life and new people moving here daily to take part in our zest for outdoor adventures and city escapades. This city has so much life and I am proud to be helping people find and sell their homes. If you think it’s time to see what our team is all about, give us a call today or feel free to dig deeper on our website.

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Jan. 24, 2016

Mile High Inventors & Famous Inventions

Anyone who even visits Denver, let alone is lucky enough to live here, is aware that Colorado is an interesting and innovative place to be. Denver is the home of MapQuest, Quark, and Lockheed Martin, among countless other high-tech, cutting-edge corporations. There is no doubt to anyone fortunate enough to live in or near the Denver metro that we are a hub for creativity. With this in mind, we only have to look at the Mile High City’s history to learn that this vibrancy is not new. Denver citizens have been inventors for ages. 

teddy bear

The Birthplace of the Teddy Bear

As early as 1905, Denver made its mark on the world by being the birthplace of the ubiquitous Teddy Bear. Oral history has it that maids working at the Hotel Colorado presented President Theodore Roosevelt a bear made from scraps of cloth as he was passing through on a hunting trip. The bear, from then on, was dubbed “Teddy Bear” to reflect on the original owner, Teddy Roosevelt. Another gem from our collective childhood is Jolly Rancher candies. Bill and Dorothy Harmsen ran their hard candy store out of Wheat Ridge, a Denver suburb, for years. They did eventually sell the brand to The Hershey Company, but we Denver-ites haven’t forgotten our mark on sweetness.

Mile High Yummy

Denver citizens know great food. The Mile High City has contributed both the root beer float and the cheeseburger to the American palette. Frank Wisner, while noticing that the snow atop Cow Mountain looked like a dollop of vanilla ice cream floating on top of root beer, was inspired to return to his kitchen to run a taste test. What he found was deliciousness for us all. If you happen to be driving down Speer Boulevard, be sure to check out the monument to cheeseburger creator, Louis Ballast. He trademarked the famous cheeseburger in 1935, and our stomachs are so glad he did! 

root beer

That’s Genius!

Root beer isn’t the only beer Denver is known for. With the large number of breweries, a faster, easier bottle opener was in order. The GrOpener was created by Mark Manger. This photographer-turned-inventor made a one-hand bottle opener, for those who have a beer in the other hand! If you have had a few too many, dropping your cell phone can be a concern. This is why Denver is also the home of OtterBox. Never has one item better encapsulated Denver’s love of the outdoors and technology than in the creation of the waterproof OtterBox. The Fort Collins-based corporation creates many phone cases to protect our technology while we hike in the glorious mountains. This is truly a wonderful place to be.


Innovation for All

Here in Colorado, we aren’t just into eating. Our lives, like our plates, are robust and varied. Crocs, manufactured in Niwot, Colorado, are a fashion-questioning footwear which are ideal for rafting and gardening, providing a comfortable way to enjoy the Denver scenery. Continuing the desire for comfort, Kevin Maher, created Gyrostim. Gyrostim is a multi-axis rotating chair, originally created for his daughter who has a brain injury. Rolling around in different ways has been proven to reconnect neuropathways in patients who have traumatic brain injuries. Maher’s chair makes this process easier, faster, and more comfortable. Whether born of necessity or desire, the clean air and amazing views are surely fertile soil to creativity, and thus the Mile High City is not only a great place to live but a great place to create and make your mark on history.

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Jan. 18, 2016

Children’s Museum of Denver

Ranked Among the Top

Even though the Denver Children’s Museum ranked among the top 12 Children’s Museums in the United States in 2012, in true Colorado fashion, Denver has spent the last year and a half creating $16.1 million worth of improvements to its museum dedicated to our youngest citizens.

New Expansion

The Children’s Museum is 42 years young, but still has the same mission as in its infancy. According to Sarah Brenkert, “When kids and adults are learning together, they are exploring all kinds of principles, they are asking questions, they are testing their predictions, they are testing themselves through art, they’re keeping their bodies active which is strong for their mind." This echoes the lifestyles of Denver’s parents, Denver being ranked the ninth most educated U.S. city.

Six New Exhibits

The new exhibits have now doubled the footprint of the Denver Children’s Museum. All are both educational and physically engaging. The crowd favorite, by far, is Altitude. Altitude is a climbing structure over 3 stories high right in the middle of the building! There is a hands-on learning kitchen, which more than being educational could potentially save lives and prevent home fires. Who doesn’t love water? The Children’s Museum in Denver has added a water lab for all your water learning needs! The other exhibits include: The Art Studio, Energy, and Community Tree.

Affordable for All

For the beleaguered adult, there is a delicious café right inside the new entry way. And, at only $13 per ticket, you’ll have plenty of money left over to stop by the brand new gift shop and take a memento home.

Don’t lose heart. If Denver is anything, it is generous. The Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico (the official title) donated over 15,000 free admissions to low income children just this year (2015). In addition, all SNAP recipients will receive $1 entry for up to 9 patrons. Simply show your EBT card, plunk down one dollar and play all day. Also, thanks to the generosity of Target, you and your child can play for free the first Tuesday of every month from 4pm to 8pm.

That is a LOT of free learning! There are other ways to save while learning, as well. 2-for-1 Wednesday nights can be found here. If there is a soldier in your group, the Children’s Museum of Denver honors our veterans with $2 off each and every time they visit. Are you a child over 65? Well then, your visit is FREE the first Friday of every month. A great thought for the holidays is to pair this free ticket with a gift certificate for that curious grandchild in your life. You can buy a gift certificate for any amount you choose by visiting this link.

Greatness Continued

There is no doubt that Denver is one of the most active and educated areas in the United States. We continue to keep this innovative status, because we invest in our youth. This expansion (completed November 2015) is a stunning example of Denver’s continued dedication to rearing the smartest and most innovative next generation. Bravo!

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Jan. 11, 2016

Avalanche Safety in Colorado

In the Denver metro, we don’t stop playing outside when it snows. We just change to winter gear. This outward-facing characteristic is what leads us to be among the healthiest people in the United States. However, our love for sports does put us at risk on occasion.

If we are going to enjoy the slopes, avalanches are the first and most dangerous event we need to learn about and potentially prevent. With just a little caution, your ski trip never has to end in telling the EMT, “It sounded like a good idea at the time.” For being beautiful, white forces of nature, avalanches can do a surprising amount of damage. There have been avalanches recorded that covered entire houses. But don’t lose heart. Avalanches don’t “strike without warning” like the news would have us believe. Most avalanches, especially deadly ones, are triggered by their victims. So, how do we keep from causing an avalanche, and is there any hope if we do?

Preparation, Knowledge, and Wisdom

There are several ways in which avalanches are mitigated. Ski patrol (not you or I) trigger small avalanches with explosives in non-populated areas to lessen the opportunity for a bigger avalanche to form. In addition, landowners use fencing and netting to change the way snow forms to alleviate issues. Recently, remotely operated exploding gas systems have been installed on Loveland Pass and Berthoud Pass to mitigate avalanches over the roads. These techniques are carefully administered and help make our snow adventures safer, but what steps can you can take to increase your odds of avoiding / surviving an avalanche?

Before you set out to ski or snowboard in the backcountry, it is super important to know what you are doing. We heavily recommend taking an avalanche class — speaking from experience they are really fun and interesting. Once you are up to speed and ready to go, it is a good idea to check the weather and Colorado Avalanche Information Center (CAIC ) forecasts. While you are suiting up, wear an avalanche transceiver (also called a beacon). Your beacon should be under your outer-most layer of clothes, must have fresh batteries, and be set to “transmit.” A cheap inclinometer can be purchased at most outdoor supply companies to measure the angle of the slope. Be looking for fracture lines, hollow sounds, and what is described as a “whumphing” sound. All of these are hints that an avalanche may be likely. Here is a tutorial on performing the three kinds of tests (shovel, compression, and shear) to gauge the likelihood of an avalanche on the day you are skiing, snowboarding, or snow shoeing. Click here for some more avalanche information.

Survival Tips

What happens if you do all of these steps and still you find yourself in the middle of the rushing snow? You try to avoid the three main culprits in avalanche deaths (physical trauma, suffocation or hypothermia). Try to get out of the path of the coming snow if you can. Only call for friends ONCE, as you want your mouth closed so snow can’t get in there. Abandon your equipment immediately once you realize what is going on. Use swimming motions to get to the surface of the avalanche. Try to grab trees in order to get away from the snow. If you are still in the throes of the snow, as you notice it slowing down, cup your hand over your mouth for an air pocket. Put any part of your body through the snow, so rescuers can find you. Staying calm, though difficult, is what is needed if you are buried in the snow. The average person can live for 18 minutes if completely buried in snow, so remain calm and conserve your energy.

I don’t want to be all doom-and-gloom, but I do wish for everyone to enjoy the mountains around Denver without a catastrophe. To return home from an adventure is always the goal. With the classes, gear, and information, you can feel safe exploring the snow covered peaks in this great state we all call home.

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Jan. 3, 2016

Discovering Denver’s History

denver history

For all of its amazing attributes, few of us really know how Denver came to be our most beloved of mile-high cities. There won’t be a quiz, but a little history lesson never hurt anybody.

James W. Denver, who was the governor of the Kansas Territory at the time, lent his surname to this, the capital of Colorado. Click here to gain a little insight into our city’s namesake.

Searching for Gold

Like many western cities, people came for the gold promised by the untapped mountains. In 1858 the came from all around and descended on what is now the Cherry Creek suburb of Denver. It wasn’t an undiscovered area, as it was a stopping point for trappers, but the gold kept the people here. The two small towns of Auraria and Denver combined in 1860 to become the Denver we know and love. The love was felt even then, and Denver was named the capital of what was then the Colorado Territory before 1870. This was even in spite of the fact that a fire in 1863 almost wiped out the entire town, and then a flood soaked the ashes less than a year later.

A Growing Mountain City

By 1890, Denver had a population well over 105,000 people. The railroad played a large role in the mobility of people, and as the railroads become fortified, many cities experienced a population boom. The Trans-continental Railroad didn’t lead straight into Denver, and the citizens knew that this could be the death of the city. They got together and created their own railroad company that connected to the Union Pacific Railroad at Cheyenne. By mid 1870s, Colorado was officially a state and Denver was officially its capital.

Finding the Silver Lining

Gold was eventually eclipsed by silver by 1890. Unfortunately, silver tanked in 1893, leaving many in the fledgling city broke. Luckily, they could rely on agriculture and continual gold discoveries to keep the city from complete financial meltdown. Seeing this boom-bust economic cycle, the leaders of Denver have contributed concerted efforts toward diversifying our economy. Their success can easily be seen by the wide array of industries supporting our stable present-day economy. 

Denver’s rich and amazing history won’t be covered in one reading, but at least you know about its origin. Thanks to the rich reserves nestled in the mountains and the ingenuity of those first settlers, Denver has emerged to be one of the strongest and most diverse Western cities. For more information on our history take a field trip to the Colorado State Capitol Building. It’s fun for the whole family.

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