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The Lure of Loft Living

Ice House LoftsAs the urban migration continues, people moving to downtown Denver are faced with the difficult decision of deciding not only where to live, but in what kind of dwelling. While we certainly love the advantages and amenities of condo living and are happy to see continued construction of new multi-family developments, we are also huge proponents of true lofts. Nothing beats the ambiance, open space and the variety of the lofts in Denver.


The Coolest Warehouse Lofts

A true Denver Loft is generally a conversion or renovation of a former factory, warehouse or industrial complex. These wonderful buildings can have exposed brick walls, open ductwork, large windows and the original floors and wooden beams. Ceilings are usually over 10 feet high, adding to the spacious and open feel of the home. Many of the most popular buildings have great historical significance in the business growth in Denver. Once renovated, these spaces are now blank slates waiting for an individual to make their mark.


Metropolitan Lofts Denver


Open Areas are a Designer's Dream

One of the most common characteristics of lofts is the industrial design and open rafters. For those who love cool and chic, modern, eclectic or just Rocky Mountain décor, the options are endless with so much open space. High ceilings and exposed brick walls provide the perfect backdrops for all types of art and self-expression. In addition, vertical space gives you the opportunity for sculptures, cool lighting or even a tall saltwater fish tank. Over the years we have seen many creative ideas designed into lofts — feel free to ask us about these!


Add Light and Your Style

Baldwin loftsMany urban dwellers experiment with lighting and colors to bring a unique quality to their living space. Postmodern design is popular with many as they turn their living areas into minimalistic showplaces. Others fill their space with antiques, old advertising signs, or memorabilia and bring the historic value of the building right into their living space. Residents living near Denver sports centers like Coors Field often make their homes into pre-game gathering spots and fill the room with Rockies posters and other great baseball décor.


Flexibility Keeps Things Fresh

While some find the open area intimidating, utilizing curtains, screens and plants will help to define living areas and create a flow throughout the home. We find the ability to change things and move furniture around one of the most appealing aspects. You aren’t stuck with traditional 10x12 rooms that offer little flexibility. Instead, you keep things fresh by adapting the areas to meet the seasons or your entertainment style.


Explore Urban Denver

Of course, there are many more loft options in the downtown area. Some new developments are mimicking the style of high ceilings and large windows while providing a more modern look and amenities. Whatever your preference, the urban core of Denver is one of the most desired spots of the metro, and with the variety of housing for sale you are certain to find what you are looking for. If you have questions about what is available in each area check out our Loft and Condo Search or call us at 303-991-9878 for a guided tour.


Find Your Perfect Denver Loft

Finding lofts for sale should not be a hassle, which is why we have made the process of finding your new dream loft a breeze. Our vast selection of beautiful Denver properties for sale is sure to help you find the perfect loft for you and your lifestyle. We know that different people prefer to search in different ways, which is why we give you multiple options when looking for the perfect Denver loft. You can search at the top of this page, or...

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Our goal is to the process as easy and hassle-free as possible. We want to make it easy for you to find your dream property. Contact our agents at the New Era Group to inquire more about a specific loft or to get started from the ground up. Now is the time to find your next home and we are here to help through our incredible selection of Denver lofts for sale!

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