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slow cookingLiving in a Denver loft provides urban metro citizens the freedom to explore the city, enjoy Colorado’s natural environment, and experience some of the best nightlife of any city in the world. Living close to work means short commutes, less hassles, and the ability to get anywhere quickly. However, this enjoyment of life can often lessen the time available for cooking and planning family meals. Enter the amazing crock pot.

A Little Crock Pot History

First and foremost it is important to note that Crock Pot is a brand name, and many other slow cookers have evolved over time. The basic principal is a ceramic or porcelain pot is kept at a low temperature to evenly cook food over time using a liquid base.  The liquids transfer the heat from the walls of the slow cooker to heat the food. This allows the food to cook slowly, absorb more flavors, and not require constant stirring to prevent scalding. It’s brilliant really. More info on slow cookers here.

A Big Win in Small Kitchens

Small KitchenWhile more modern lofts have increased the size of kitchen space, many of the traditional warehouse lofts still struggle. This is actually one of the alluring qualities of loft living, because it opens up the home. The slow cooker is one of the loft owner’s best friends. Not only does it take up a small amount of space, but there isn’t a need for multiple pots and frying pans when making a meal. In fact, the set it and forget nature of the meal, makes it easy to return home from work to a perfectly cooked meal without all the hassles.

Oh, the Things You can Cook!

Denver is known for so many great restaurants and food choices and your slow cooker is no exception. Don’t limit yourself to split-pea soup, chili, or pulled pork. While these are awesomely delicious you can do so much more. Pot roast, cheeseburger hash, chicken meatballs, cabbage rolls, pizza soup are just a few yummy alternatives to the “traditional” faire. Want dessert? How about a hot berry cobbler or even a s’more cake? The options are limitless and twice as much fun.

Come On, Cook at Home

While going out in the Denver is always a fun, you can host your party at home. Instead of going to the pub to watch the game, make some awesome chili in your slow cooker, bake bread sticks, and enjoy some local craft beer while watching the game with friends. Enjoy life, and enjoy your loft. For some great slow cooker recipes to get you started check out this site:

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