Denver is known for the awesome warehouse lofts spread throughout one of the hottest metros in the nation. Here you’ll find everything you could want in urban living, such as spectacular mountain views, prime locations next to hot spots and transit, and updated spaces with modern conveniences and historic charm. Loft Murphy BedWhile there are a lot of positives to the lofts and condos in downtown Denver, floor space is often pretty limited and space-saving items like Murphy beds are gaining popularity.

An invention born of necessity

The wall bed was originally created by William Murphy after he found himself with a lack of space in his 1918 apartment. He designed a bed that could be attached inside a closet and folded down when needed. Like most great ideas, the Murphy bed has continued to evolve and offers some amazing benefits to loft residents today. While the market for Murphy beds peaked in the 1920’s, they are starting to make a comeback with the increased interest in smaller spaces like studios and lofts.

The right Murphy bed for you

There are a few styles of Murphy beds available. The panel style folds down directly from the wall. There are not doors or closets to deal with and when put away it looks like the wall.

The traditional style is within a closet. You just open the doors and fold down the bed! There are also beds that serve dual purposes. When stored away, some Murphy beds reveal a couch or desk underneath that folds up under the bed when it's pulled down. These types can be attached to the wall or in some cases freestanding. The dual purpose beds work well for open loft spaces or studios that don't have a lot of square footage.

Nearly all Murphy beds lack headboards and footboards. In addition, they are more like platform beds in that the base is not a box spring, but either wire mesh or a wood frame. With today’s new mattress designs this isn’t an issue in most cases, but it's worth considering.

A studio apartment featuring a Murphy bed built into a wood cabinet. The bed is pulled down in front of a kitchenette.

Pros and cons

As with all furniture, the Murphy bed has advantages and disadvantages. If space is an issue a Murphy bed is a great alternative to a normal bed or even a futon. With the availability of better mattresses, modular designs, and the ability to incorporate other design features, you can easily find a unit that makes the best use of the space. In addition, most are designed to be taken apart for moving, so if you ever do decide to move to that house in the suburbs you can take the bed with you and use it for the guest room.

Of course, convenience comes with a price. Some units, especially the most elaborate with additional features, carry a hefty price tag. In addition, there is some work involved to clean the area before you can fold the bed down at night. You also need to be careful of small children and pets when putting it up and down.

The final word

Obviously we are big fans of urban lofts. Whether new construction or unique warehouse renovations, Denver has some of the coolest lofts around. We also think Murphy beds can be really great fit for some people. If you are looking for a loft and have questions about space saving ideas give us a call. We would love to share our knowledge and take you around to show you some of the most amazing places in the metro.

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