There is no doubt that your lifestyle will dictate where you live. Folks love to live in Denver based on any number of reasons, but on the micro level, the building, home, or neighborhood they decide to live in is a direct indication of their desired culture. The urban culture of downtown Denver attracts many walks of life. The diversity becomes reflected in the Denver residence amenities offered in any number of multi-dwelling spaces across the city. From pools to retail, and restaurants to state-of the art fitness centers, amenities are undoubtedly a definitive factor in any buyers mind. They can easily sway or deter, all based on the tastes of the buyer. An amenity that one may find particularly attractive, like a dog park (as featured in SPIRE), could easily cause another individual to seek living elsewhere.

With this in mind, it is interesting to see what new Denver residence amenities are emerging as trends in the housing market, as they appear to express the interests and lifestyles of a city, not just a portion of people within it. In an article published this week in the Denver Post, reporter John Mossman brought to light the latest amenity trend to hit Denver, bike repair rooms. In the article, several existing buildings with repair rooms were mentioned, as well as an impressive amount of projects currently in development that have them included in the blueprints.

It's a clear testament to the growing popularity of living green and staying healthy, concepts that are strongholds in Denver loft and condo amenities. The emergence of Denver residence amenities such as bike repair rooms in Denver lofts, condos, and apartments is sure to add another reason to the long list of reasons why living here is world class.

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