WSJ Says Friday is the Best Day

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How much difference does the day you announce your listing matter? According to the Wall Street Journal it could mean thousands of dollars to your bottom line. In the Article “The Best Day to List a Home”  their study reveals that Homes listed for sale on Friday’s have the highest percentage of the actual sales price to original seller’s asking price. 99.1% of that original asking price to be exact.

Home’s Listed on Fridays also reported the lowest days on Market, meaning they also sell faster. Want to know if the second best day is Saturday or Sunday… nope. Tuesdays are the second best day to list a home with the weekends actually among the worst.

Of course we are speaking in small percentages when we say the ratio of sold price to asking price. But when you factor in how large of a number that sales price is a few fractions of a percentage can mean a great deal.

Why Fridays Might be a Magic Day

Is there an explanation for the Fabulous Friday listing phenomenon? The WSJ hinted that people are in better moods on Fridays, perhaps more optimistic. And that optimism translates into a happy pursuit of a home.

This might be true, but we tend to think that most home shopping happens during the week. For those of you who manage a work team you might be disappointed to hear that often people use their work hours to surf for that next dream home. This explains why Saturday and Sunday aren’t great days to list… perhaps no one is surfing.  

But for those who surf on Fridays and get excited about a new home listing… the weekend to go visit that home for a tour is just a day away.

Why Today Might be the Magic Day in Denver

But this study was done in 2012, and it wasn’t focused on Denver.  In today’s Denver market sellers are getting over 100% of their asking price as bidding wars drive buyers to bid above the Seller’s asking price.   

It is amazing the difference only a year can make, and 2013 seems to be operating under a new set of rules.  Our New Era Realty team helps sellers navigate to find an optimal asking price based upon current conditions, and we help our buyers to have the most attractive bid.

And yes… we even help pick the perfect day of the week to list your home.  Learn more about how New Era Realty Team can help you in your home buying or selling process.

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