Ranked Among the Top

Even though the Denver Children’s Museum ranked among the top 12 Children’s Museums in the United States in 2012, in true Colorado fashion, Denver has spent the last year and a half creating $16.1 million worth of improvements to its museum dedicated to our youngest citizens.

New Expansion

The Children’s Museum is 42 years young, but still has the same mission as in its infancy. According to Sarah Brenkert, “When kids and adults are learning together, they are exploring all kinds of principles, they are asking questions, they are testing their predictions, they are testing themselves through art, they’re keeping their bodies active which is strong for their mind." This echoes the lifestyles of Denver’s parents, Denver being ranked the ninth most educated U.S. city.

Six New Exhibits

The new exhibits have now doubled the footprint of the Denver Children’s Museum. All are both educational and physically engaging. The crowd favorite, by far, is Altitude. Altitude is a climbing structure over 3 stories high right in the middle of the building! There is a hands-on learning kitchen, which more than being educational could potentially save lives and prevent home fires. Who doesn’t love water? The Children’s Museum in Denver has added a water lab for all your water learning needs! The other exhibits include: The Art Studio, Energy, and Community Tree.

Affordable for All

For the beleaguered adult, there is a delicious café right inside the new entry way. And, at only $13 per ticket, you’ll have plenty of money left over to stop by the brand new gift shop and take a memento home.

Don’t lose heart. If Denver is anything, it is generous. The Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico (the official title) donated over 15,000 free admissions to low income children just this year (2015). In addition, all SNAP recipients will receive $1 entry for up to 9 patrons. Simply show your EBT card, plunk down one dollar and play all day. Also, thanks to the generosity of Target, you and your child can play for free the first Tuesday of every month from 4pm to 8pm.

That is a LOT of free learning! There are other ways to save while learning, as well. 2-for-1 Wednesday nights can be found here. If there is a soldier in your group, the Children’s Museum of Denver honors our veterans with $2 off each and every time they visit. Are you a child over 65? Well then, your visit is FREE the first Friday of every month. A great thought for the holidays is to pair this free ticket with a gift certificate for that curious grandchild in your life. You can buy a gift certificate for any amount you choose by visiting this link.

Greatness Continued

There is no doubt that Denver is one of the most active and educated areas in the United States. We continue to keep this innovative status, because we invest in our youth. This expansion (completed November 2015) is a stunning example of Denver’s continued dedication to rearing the smartest and most innovative next generation. Bravo!

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