If you’re like me, you have a certain love/hate relationship with your closet. It is the keeper of my clothes, storage of all things small, and a perpetual battle of the wills. closetAlthough I’m not ordinarily a jealous man, there are times when I’m walking through houses with a home buyer and I become overwhelmingly envious of the closet. It still amazes me to this day how crucial and life-giving this space is in the home.

But, it’s just a Closet, Right?

There is one topic that continually comes up when we’re selling a home or helping a family find a new place to live, and yes, it is closet space. Think about it: while downplayed, this is some of the most desired square footage in a house, and at times as hotly disputed as the imaginary line in the back seat of a car. Homes designs vary widely and choosing a house without adequate space for all parties can quickly lead to mutiny.

Advice for Buyers

The closets are often overlooked when a new home search begins, so being aware of your needs is paramount before you look at homes. One of the most common reasons for buying a new home is the need for more room, so be very aware of how much space you need. Take inventory of what you already have before you begin searching so you understand your needs and desires. If closet space is important to you, be hesitant to purchase a home with small closets. While there are many options for storage and organization, if you don’t have the space you need you will probably be very disappointed in your new home.

On the other hand, if floor space is more important than closet space, consider a home with smaller closets and use your creativity for storage. Antique armoires, dressers and under the stairs storage can quickly make up for lost square footage and bring a personal touch to your living space. You might also consider purging your wardrobe before you begin your new home search. I understand this is difficult, but you might be amazed with what is hiding behind the shoe rack. Click here for some great organizing ideas.

Advice for Sellers

closet 2By now it is quite apparent how important closet space is to home buyers, and the people walking through your house are no exception. (Trust me, they will look in your closets.) Your goal is to make them look as big as possible without spending a fortune. The first goal is to remove any extra items you don’t need. Take boxes to the garage or a storage unit to free up space. It is also wise to remove clothing you don’t wear often to make it look more open. Just be careful not to overdo it.

If your closet is painted in a dark color, you may want to repaint it white or a brighter color to make it look larger. If the rods are broken or damaged you may want to replace those as well, but don’t do any major remodels or closet organizers unless your realtor recommends it. The best advice is to make the closet look like what you want.

Find Your Space

I have to admit that closet space is a big deal to me and with many of our clients. There is something peaceful about a spacious and well organized place for your clothes, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Search walk-in closets snapIf you need further information about how to stage for selling or what types of homes typically have the largest closets, give us a call. You could also use our advanced home search engine to find which properties have walk-in closets. (Hint: under "Interior Features" just select Walk-In Closets.) In the meantime, find your space and use it well.


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