denverWe love our city... it is hard not to. Denver continues to grow in so many amazing ways and our Downtown is becoming a hot spot of Urban Living. It’s not just that folks within the Denver area are moving into downtown — we are drawing in folks from the entire country.

According to the Brookings Institution, Denver has become the number one destination city for Millennials, (also know as "Generation Y" — people born between 1981 and 2000). This is driven by a number of reasons, but as this article points out the reason boils down to one simple thing… Our city is cool.  

Growing Smart for the Future

Denver has a GREAT infrastructure in place and because most of our growth has been recent the planning has been smarter and wiser. Our transportation system that has a hub in Union Station will provide rail access throughout the city. The downtown has been built by reclaiming brown field and other projects. Just look at Riverfront Park and the New Union Station.  Ten years ago these were fields of dirt. Now they are thriving neighborhoods.

Denver offers all three sporting arenas in the downtown. That is a rare city amenity. In fact the city allows a walkable lifestyle to sporting events, theater, festivals, and more.

Our tech and start up industry is thriving, which provides a great job field for those moving here. And while prices for homes may have risen in the past year, our transplants from other major cities are amazed at how affordable our city lofts and condos are.  

Denver is the Place to Be

And of course part of what makes Denver cool can’t be duplicated by any other city. We have 300+ days of sunshine, four seasons with amazing climates, and don’t forget our wonderful rocky mountain backyard. Skiers and mountain adventurers pick the mile high city not only for the location but also for the fun.  

The great growth pattern shows.  Quoting from the Denver Post Article Downtown Denver is booming, but it is a tale of two cities:

"More than $630 million in downtown projects were built last year, adding more than 2.2 million square feet of new space. Of the 26 projects under construction, 15 are residential. When completed, downtown Denver will have more than 2,800 additional residential units — more than the total number of downtown residential units just six years ago."

Life here is amazing. Whether you are interested in a residential home downtown, a second home getaway, or an investment property, Denver is the hottest spot in the country.

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