With Denver lighting up for the holiday season, there are many opportunities for Denver residents and visitors to enjoy some spectacular displays of illumination-centered art across the city. The iconic Denver holiday lights of the Civic Center Building in Civic Center Park took place on Friday the 23rd and as always, the event proved to be an exciting way for residents to get into the holiday spirit. The Grand Illumination was not limited to Civic Center, as Union Station, the Pavilions and Skyline Park all were involved in the event that started at 6pm.  

Even if you didn’t make the lighting ceremony, the historical landmarks bathed in pillars of brilliant light is a sight to behold all month long. It is also a sight that insights a level of nostalgia and tradition for the city, as the ceremony has occurred for many years now. In addition to the Grand Illumination ceremony on the 23rd, there are some other exciting, light-centric events you can attend throughout the holiday season.

The Parade of Lights will be on November 30th, and is presented by 9news. Also a Denver tradition, it is a great opportunity to enjoy some of the finest performances and holiday cheer the city has to offer.

Two other fantastic events will also be kicking off on the 30th of November, Zoo Lights (at The Denver Zoo) and Blossoms of light (at the Denver Botanical Gardens). Both exhibits showcase stunning displays of lights in some of Denver's favorite recreational spots. They are a great way to show visiting friends and family just how wonderful Denver holiday lights truly are.