Real Estate, like many industries, finds itself to be at the mercy of constant change. The need to renovate, improve, and build makes it a rather versatile market. The expedited change we see in popular neighborhoods can sometimes render them unrecognizable from their former selves in just a few short years. To those who live in these particular areas, who see the change happen a little bit each day, the final products come as no surprise. However, for those folks who only sparingly visit a location, development changes can redefine the look of an area instantly.

A few big Denver real estate development projects that are currently underway, are working to do just this, redefine the urban scape into something modern. The first project, located at 1601 Wewatta St., is an office building. The idea is to expand on the exploding central business district of Denver. The office building, once completed, will look something like this brochure, and offer parking as well as many needed office spaces. The completed building will only serve to advance the steel and glass metropolis look that has recently become rampant in Denver. An apparent push toward intergrating more modern architecture into the cityscape.

Not terribly far from this Denver real estate development project, another, named 16M appropriately located at 16th and Market is envisioned as being a multi-use establishment, catering to luxury living, street-level retail and office space, in addition to underground parking. The completed building is sure to bring even more attention to an already lively portion of downtown. Developers hope to begin demolition at the current site soon.

These two projects, once completed, will adhere to the clean, modernist approach most developers are displaying throughout the city. Residents will have a few new features to rest their eyes on, as well as a few new places to park, shop and work.

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