Here’s What You Need to Know

The city welcomes a ton of new residents every year. Money Magazine called it the “Mecca for millennials,” a hub for startups and young entrepreneurs, with a supportive infrastructure for business growth.

Denver has become a “wear jeans to work” city with improved public transit and many restaurants and bars to accommodate going out after the office. So if you like a city that rapidly mixes the cutting edge with history, you’ll fit right in.

Ski destination

You’ll also fit in if you like to ski, hike, ski some more, hike a bit farther, and then take a break to kayak. Denver is all about the outdoors; after all, it does sit a mile up in the mountains. It’s got gorgeous scenery, the sun shines 300 days a year, there’s plenty of snow, and it’s full of parks and green spaces, even right in the city. Your dog will love it, especially since Colorado is a very dog-friendly place.

The art lover has plenty to do, with the world-class Red Rocks Amphitheatre nearby for music, museums, and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. Its cultural scene is also home to a large, passionate craft brewing industry, with over 150 breweries and brewpubs. The University of Colorado Denver adds its own interest and liveliness. Then there’s the Broncos, Nuggets, Avs, and Rockies for your full dose of pro sports. If you’re moving to Denver you can rest assured that there is plenty to do and a variety of ways to fit in.

Where to Fit Your Furniture

That might be trickier these days than fitting in yourself. The housing market is hot, as the city booms and more and more people relocate to the Mile-High City. Even renters and landlords are using brokers in this demand-driven market. Rents and mortgages are not at New York or San Francisco levels, but they’re increasing, as is the cost of living. Manageable, but increasing.

Average apartment rent is just over $1,200 for a one-bedroom, but depending on the neighborhood rent could be much higher. Houses count their time on the market in days, not months. But if you’re patient and flexible, there are many delightful places to live in Denver, each with its own flavor.

Families flock to Highland, Cherry Creek, and Washington Park, the latter having one of the many beautiful green spaces that speckle Denver. A more historic area, Lower Downtown (LoDo) combines old stone with young, urban living and lots to do. Five Points shares that vibe, but for less money. If you’d like to double your rent, try Capitol Hill or the Golden Triangle District, lovely and near everything, probably well worth some people’s money. Uptown is gentrifying, so there’s an interesting mix of walkable old and new, and it’s currently quite hipster.

And if you do move into this friendly, welcoming city, the help of one of the top real estate agents in Denver could be invaluable. With expertise in the neighborhoods and the pace of the current market, your agent can help you find a Denver dwelling you love that’s perfect for you and your needs.

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