You have often heard real estate professionals speak of location, location and location in regards to qualities to consider in a Denver real estate purchase.  We often speak of walkability, local restaurants, green space, and all the other elements of the Downtown Denver lifestyle.

One other component that we consider critical is the zoning of that dream home, condo or Denver loft.  Zoning is the city map for how a neighborhood can be developed.  This includes how your own home can be changed or modified down the road.  Many homeowners are planning for today but it is also important to think about future goals.

It may be wonderful to imagine adding that studio addition for writing the next great American novel or a nursery for plans down the road…. But is the home or parcel you are looking at permitted to do so?

For investment clients zoning can also answer questions about whether that huge lot you are on could be subdivided, or allow for a possible duplex down the road.  Zoning determines not only what size and height property can be built but also what type.  Is the lot you own single family, duplex, or multi use.   The Downtown Denver neighborhoods allow for a variety of uses and the zoning can change just by walking across the street.

The investigation we go through doesn’t just involve our homeowner clients.  It is equally important to evaluate what the zoning is surrounding you.  Those incredible views you enjoy may change if the zoning in the path allows for a multi dwelling unit or other project.  Of course it could also mean that you could be in the heart of a bustling center of great restaurants, shops and amenities.

The Denver LoHi neighborhood is an example of just such growth.  The zoning of many parcels allows for projects that gave us the great additions of Linger, LoHi Steak Bar, Ale House at Amatos and more.  A strictly single family home zoned neighborhood would have prevented the creation of these neighborhood gems.

But with growth comes controversy as one can see by watching the growing debate (and as described in this article the shouting match) about the Red Peaks project in the Highlands.

For those who are not familiar with the Denver Zoning codes (taken from Denver’s own website) here is a quick overview.   To learn more about zoning in your area or for your own home please contact any of us at New Era Realty.

Denver Zoning