Denver Sports Authority FieldThere has been a great deal happening in an area just footsteps from the wildly desired Lower Highlands Neighborhood, but the price per square foot is considerably less.

Walk to the Broncos games

Sun Valley and the surrounding blocks are what was once imagined as the “Stadium District” and is part of the Sports Authority Field background. What is changing for this neighborhood is part sports, part LoHi expansion, and a great part transportation development.

Denver Light Rail Will Take you Anywhere you Want to Go

If we look at the biggest change, the transit development portion, you will be pleased to know that the new Decatur Federal Light Rail station is approaching completion. From a foot traffic standpoint and for service to the Denver Bronco’s games this station is predicted to be a huge conduit for those going in and out of Denver.

The development of this station along with prime real estate along the river has sparked an increase in home and land purchases. The views, for those how have been there, of downtown are incredible. The Broncos Stadium benefits from an expansion of restaurants, amenities, and more in the immediate area, and it’s prime location is just a short walk or bike ride into the Highlands and Riverfront Park area.

Denver's Sun Valley Neighborhood On the Up and Up

LoHi has experienced a huge growth spurt into the Northwest area and Sun Valley and the surrounding blocks are an ideal candidate for additional growth. The benefit of this particular location with the light rail may be something to be realized over the next few years. If Broncos stadium realizes a vision for a Stadium District, this may well be the next great Denver neighborhood to keep your eye on.

We are often asked what the next booming neighborhood is. While many neighborhoods in Denver are already booming and many that have amenities in place, this is one to watch.

Light rail is taking a stronger role in the development of urban areas. The new Decatur Federal station is clearly one such development. To learn more about the new Station plan you can visit their website here.

New Era Realty is focused on tracking and sharing with our clients not just the trends in the most discussed neighborhoods, but those that are changing and developing that many others are not tracking.

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Cheers and we look forward to a light rail station dropoff for a future Bronco’s game.

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