We are always watching the real estate market and 2010 seems to be off to an exciting start.  Everyone seems to think Denver is leading the country as one of the strongest real estate markets especially the downtown condo and loft market.  So we weren't extremely surprised to read about all the activity happening in January in a Denver Business Journal article about a purchase of $2.5 million worth of condos in the Flour Mill Lofts.  The Flour Mill building is a wonderful development and the entire Central Platte Valley including Riverfront Park has been a favorite here at New Era Real Estate and with our clients.  Reading through the article we saw a reflection of what we have been feeling in the market.... opportunity.

Buyers have such a great opportunity to purchase downtown Denver lofts and condos at incredible values.  With interest rates at the lowest we have seen and the home buyer credit ending soon it seems that a lot of activity has been sparked.  We have seen some very interesting trends for buyers.  New development projects such as SPIRE, ONE Lincoln, or the many others we work with every day are offering their own seller incentives and we negotiate on behalf of our clients for the best selection of residences and the best prices.  With all the amenities that are available in these new developments many clients prefer the lifestyles they provide regardless of their square footage.  We enjoy working with our first time home buyers who get to enjoy the swimming pools, fitness centers, sports rooms and other amenities at lower HOA fees based upon their smaller square footage basis.  We see folks trimming down their square footage as they move downtown, decreasing their monthly expenses, and enjoying all the amenities that a penthouse owner enjoys.  Although we do admit those Penthouse units are amazing and we will be there to walk through these Flour Mill residences if that opportunity becomes available down the road (And we will share photos of course).

So as we read the news about these active development projects downtown it highlights the true opportunities out there today.  Call us to learn more about our favorite developments, residences, and opportunities.

Cheers from everyone at New Era Realty