The Downtown Denver real estate market is hot, so hot that it became the topic of a recent article in the Denver Post.

The article “Inventory Dries Up - Denver housing market tightens” that was published yesterday talks about how the most sought after markets and homes are moving fast.  Metro Denver or the Downtown is one of those hot markets.

We aren’t really surprised to see this article, although we did enjoy their reference to it being a “compelling inventory” that was driving the momentum in real estate.  What is the compelling inventory?   Many factors are driving this housing market trend.

First, conditions are optimal for borrowing. Interest rates are at some of the lowest levels in years.  Buyers enjoy lending terms that can take significant levels off their mortgage payments thus allowing new homeowners to find their dream home. To make things even more “compelling,” price opportunities still exist to find incredible value.  Low Prices + Low Interest Rates = Happy Homeowners.

This combines to give new homeowners more square footage than planned (perhaps that two bedroom instead of a one + den) or the dream location.

Second, Denver is simply a wonderful place to live.  Denver’s 300+ days of sunshine, wonderful urban plan for the city, growing transportation network, and Rocky Mountain Backyard brings folks from across the USA and the globe. It’s wonderful to live in Downtown Denver. The secret is out.

So there is a demand for the truly great opportunities in Denver’s compelling inventory.  Those ideal dream homes, condos, and lofts are moving quickly.  As we work with our clients identifying great condos in Riverfront Park and LoDo, amazing modern townhomes in LoHi and Ball Park or the historic Denver squares in Highlands and Wash Park two things are clear.

All of us at New Era monitor and analyze our wonderful Downtown Denver market and help our clients identify the best of the best in this unique market opportunity.  Learn more today about our services or contact us to help identify your future dream home.