There are so many reasons why our clients choose downtown Denver as a home. With enough recreation and real estate opportunities to make your head spin, the light-headed feeling you get is not just the altitude. It's the fact that time and time again Denver has proven to yield some of the most ideal living. The food, the view, the rise of Denver real estate, Denver lofts and condos, not to mention the incredible people, are all factors in Denver's ability to take your breath away. You can access great green spaces on foot from some of the fastest growing neighborhoods in downtown Denver. 

They are numerous, well equipped with mature trees, lush grass, recreation, and smiling Denver faces. The incredible neighborhoods surrounding these parks are full of wonderful real estate opportunities in the form of lofts, condos, high rise apartments and more .

Washington Park, located off of Downing St. and East Louisiana Ave, offers nearby residents a chance to escape the hum of the city and enjoy some fresh air. With two a two-lane paved path encircling the park   that totals two miles, you can cruise the park on your feet or your favorite non-motorized wheels.

Cheesman Park, located at Williams St. and East 8th Ave, has wide expanses of grass, perfect for frisbee or relaxing. There is a white-columned fountain perched atop a hill, majestic and perfect for anyone looking to seize a photo opportunity in Capitol Hill.

Commons Park, located on 15th and Little Raven St., takes on a more updated appearance. The residents of the nearby high-rise apartments and Denver lofts in Riverfront Park can walk their dog, watch the hustle and bustle of the skate park or relax and watch the South Platte River flow past. The industry of Riverfront Parks meets the lush greenery, mixing into a perfect combination.  

Civic Center Park located at Broadway and Colfax is nestled in the heart of downtown Denver. It has some of the most stunning architecture and resides in the midst of government buildings. It's conveniently located near the Art Museum, Colorado History Museum and the Convention Center, which makes it a reasonable stop when sight seeing with your family and friends when visiting downtown Denver. Close to Capitol Hill, and a destination in and of itself, it proves to be a lively place just about any day of the week.

City Park, located at Colorado Blvd and East 23rd Ave, is a massive green space that encompasses a Museum a Zoo and a golf course. Though these elements attract most of traffic in the park, that should not stop you from taking a stroll or jog through the lush greenery. The real estate in the surrounding area is among some of the oldest and most prominent in Denver.

Though this is not a comprehensive list of all the parks in Denver, it is a glimpse at a few of the most  enjoyed green spaces within the city limits. A quick gaze to the west will always prove beautiful, but there is much to enjoy within the city itself in terms of the outdoors. To learn more about the great Denver loft living opportunities in the surrounding neighborhoods please contact the New Era Team today.