Bronco StadiumWith all the talk about super stars, new clear plastic bag rules and upcoming schedules, it is obvious that football season has descended upon this great city. The metro is abuzz with excitement and expectation that comes from a Broncos team that once again has the potential to do great things. We’re not going to waste your valuable time by providing in-depth player and strategy analysis; there is already plenty of that for you to read up on. We would however, like to discuss the great benefits of having so many professional sports teams located in the heart of Denver, Colorado.

The Best Place in America for Sports

The metro is a paradise for professional sport enthusiasts. Denver boasts seven teams, the Colorado Rockies, Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rapids, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Mammoth and Denver Outlaws. Every major sport is fully represented and despite the up and down years some experience, the locals love these teams. It would be easy to quote financial impact reports, tourism numbers and local sales tax effects, but clearly these teams bring this city together. It doesn’t matter if you are cheering on the Rockies in the bottom of the ninth or waiting on the edge of you seat for the winning goal from the Rapids, Coloradoans love sports and Denver is home.

Downtown Stadium Oasis

With the exception of the Rapids, all of the pro teams make their home downtown which is still growing from a residential explosion. As more people of all ages flock from the suburbs back into the city, they are finding a downtown area that always has plenty to do and great places to live. The abundance of lofts and condos make it easy for urban dwellers to quickly get to the sports they love. For many it is the allure of walking over to the Pepsi Center to watch basketball, striding up the street to Coors Field to catch a great game of baseball, or strolling to Sports Authority Field at Mile High to scream and shout for their boys on the grid iron.

Others gather at some of the best brewpubs in Colorado, restaurants and clubs to garner quality time with friends and companions while they watch the games and cheer. Pro sports in Denver are much more than just a revenue-producing machine — they produce a common thread of unity that brings this fantastic city together. Nowhere in the ordinary business world do you see two strangers from opposite corners of existence reach out, hug and high five like teenagers.

Team Unity Brings Denver Together

As we semi-patiently wait for the beginning of this season, we implore all to take more than just stock of our jerseys, caps and team paraphernalia. Glance around in the stands, the stadiums, the pubs and the streets and recognize the bond these teams bring to each of us. Enjoy the camaraderie that comes from sharing a passion and the thrill of competition. Enjoy every moment and be thankful that it is here in Denver. Then let’s start cheering for that next Super Bowl Victory!

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