jefferson parkWe love LoHi and the Highland neighborhoods.  They have great restaurants, easy access to downtown, and an incredible mix of historic homes and new modern townhomes.  The secret about LoHi has been out for some time and real estate prices reflect that.

Today we wanted to talk about the neighborhood right next door that has been secretly (or not so secretly) growing as the next favorite Denver neighborhood.  Jefferson Park is an amazing blend of all the great things we love about LoHi combined with affordability and value.  

An Ideal Denver Neighborhood

Jefferson Park’s location might be even more ideal when you consider it’s easy access to the new growing Denver Stadium District.  LoHi, Downtown, and the Stadium District are all just blocks away.

And Jefferson Park has something very green and wonderful as well… the park that the neighborhood is named after.  What else does a neighborhood need besides a great location, beautiful park, and attractive prices…. How about sexy pizza.

Jefferson Park is the Place to Be

That’s right, Denver’s very popular Sexy Pizza is opening up a new location in Jefferson Park at 25th Avenue and Elliot with a target date of January 1st  to begin serving up delicious slices and beverages.  In the story “Sexy Pizza to open third location in Jefferson Park on January 1” from Westword, owners were quoted saying “we're moving into a more up-and-coming neighborhood with the Elliot Street location”.

Did you catch that?  Up and coming neighborhood is exactly what we are talking about.

When LoHi began it’s boom we were sharing details about new restaurants, bistros, and pubs every month.  So when we take note of restaurants moving into Jefferson Park we wonder…. Is this the beginning of a foodie transformation for Jefferson Park as well?  If so, now is a great time to consider the neighborhood that has some amazing homes at prices not available in the heart of LoHi.

New Residence Project has Attractive Prices

Jefferson Park is the hot neighborhood to watch and we are working with a developer who is planning to launch a new 27 residence project very soon with a great location, amazing designs, and attractive prices.  Sign up to learn more when the project details are available at and follow the project on twitter @jeffersonparkpl.

And of course welcome and congratulations to Sexy Pizza! 

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