I think it's safe to say that the part of Denver known as the Highlands has been quite the “it” spot in Denver the past few years. The booming community has a distinct Hispanic Heritage and has been featured in such magazines as Travel & Leisure as well as National Geographic Traveler

With over 250 acres, the Highlands is located northwest of downtown and has experienced an immense amount of growth and change over the recent years. The area is now full of trendy restaurants, classic boutiques, and bars to watch your favorite Broncos play every Sunday. The area can be split into three distinct districts – Highlands Square, Lower Highlands (LoHi) and Tennyson Street.

Not a Circle but Highlands Square

Head up towards 32nd and Lowell and you will find yourself in one of the liveliest spots in Denver. Known as Highlands Square, this area always has something going on. From the fashionable boutiques to the ever-busy restaurants, the only thing that can be tough is parking--but hey, that’s a lot of Denver right? Don’t forget to check out the local farmers market on the weekend, sure to sit right with the foodie in your life. You can easily get to and from downtown using one of the beautiful bridges crossing over the highway, such as the Denver Millennium Bridge or the Platte River Bridge. 

There is Low, High, and then LoHi

For all of you looking to buy a new home, this neighborhood is one of the most popular and coveted areas in Denver (it can be tough to get into but that is why you have a great agent from New Era Group to help you out!). Ever growing and developing, LoHi has everything from new apartments and homes to quaint bungalows that have been around for some years. The neighborhood is known for its ethnic diversity since its founding back in 1858 and continues to be a popular location for everyone from retired couples to young professionals. 

Take Me to Tennyson Street

This may be one of my favorite spots right now for many reasons but mostly because the people who live in this neighborhood are some of the nicest people you will meet in Denver. Tennyson is full of art galleries, antique shops, food establishments and a few live music venues. If you talk to anyone who owns a restaurant or gallery up there they will all tell you the same thing, they love the neighborhood and are intentional in helping the area grow and become an even more amazing place for people to live.

So, that’s our neighborhood stop for this week. Remember, the Highlands is quite a happening place and will continue to grow and thrive as a community. We currently have some great listings in neighborhoods up there so if you think this is a place you can see yourself living make sure to give our office a call today so one of our highly trained agents can help you out.

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