Denver’s amazing art scene is getting bigger and better. Meow Wolf has recently announced that they are building a huge four-story building to bring a whole new level of interactive art to Denver. The 90,000 square foot structure will include 60,000 square feet of exhibition space, a restaurant, bar, and other amenities. It's scheduled to open in 2020 at the intersection of I-25 and Colfax, just across the river from the Broncos Stadium and in a perfect location for art lovers.

The Pet-tential is Unlimited!

Having Meow Wolf come to Denver is truly a big deal. Cultural additions to downtown Denver are always a reason to rejoice, but Meow Wolf is something extra special. While the name invokes images of pet centered themes—and gives me an opportunity for puns—this collective of artists creates art exhibits beyond the imagination.

Meow Wolf first opened in Santa Fe in 2008 and has been taking the world by storm. The exhibits are interactive, immersive, and involve all aspects of the creative community. There are nearly 200 artists contributing in painting, photography, virtual reality, music, sculpture, and anything that can be seen, felt, or heard. The result is an experience in sight, sound, and wonder.

The exhibits are designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. The goal is to tell a story and make the guests part of the experience. Their first permanent exhibit, House of Eternal Return, features secret passages, magical worlds, and a journey that entertains and enlightens children and adults. Check out this award-winning exhibit from the Santa Fe Meow Wolf.

Take this Oppawtunity to be One of the First Visitors

With any high-level art exhibit and construction, funding is always key—especially when you are creating such an amazing space. Groundbreaking is scheduled to begin this spring and the anticipated opening is in 2020. The great news is you can be one of the first people in when the doors open. Meow Wolf has made tickets available now for purchase. Not only will you be at the head of the line and have the opportunity to attend the Opening Night Gala, you will also be part of helping to create something amazing in Denver. Visit their site to get more information about Meow Wolf in Denver.

Okay, No More Bad Puns

Meow Wolf is an awesome addition to the Denver art scene and the city itself. As downtown continues to grow the opportunity to easily visit high quality venues is just another example of how our city continues to evolve. With the addition of so many residential units in the downtown area, the continued growth of entertainment, and the addition of new restaurants and clubs, downtown Denver is the place to be. If you are considering a Denver loft or condo please let us know. We would love to help. Now let’s get out and enjoy Denver; it’s the cat’s meow. Oops.

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