There are many things that make Downtown Denver condo and Downtown Denver Loft living so enjoyable.

There are the many amazing restaurants, bistros, and eateries unique to each Denver neighborhood.  There are the many wonderful sporting arenas within walking distance.   We would be remiss not to mention all the great Downtown Denver theatre, events, music and activities.

Downtown Denver residents also enjoy a wonderful transportation oriented city with the expanded RTD light rail and bus services along with the many pedestrian and bike friendly trails and paths.

So what else could make it even better?  How about a new Downtown Denver grocery store located just blocks from Coors Field.  Recently Dean’s Urban Market opened it’s doors at 1415 Park Avenue West to give us a new option for our cooking and culinary creative desires.

It’s something that Downtown Denver condo residents certainly appreciate.  Many of us have been watching the new Union Station Neighborhood site for notice of a new restaurant as rumors circulated about possible sites both on the Riverfront Park side of the rail and closer to downtown.

Dean’s may not be the size or scale of the Cherry Creek Whole Foods but it’s a step in the right direction and a great option for our Ball Park and Five Points Downtown Denver clients.

But just wait.  A 42,000 square feet grocery store yet to be named is underway at 20th and Chestnut with a scheduled opening in 2013.

Celebrate Denver… it looks like Downtown Denver will have more than enough great grocery store options.