It has been an exciting year for the real estate market across the country. According to a Denver Post article published last week titled “US New Home Starts Jump to Fastest Pace in 4 Years,” indicates extremely good signs for the real estate industry in the immediate future.

Among the articles many points, the fact that the housing market seems to be in a state of recovery seems to be the heart of the matter.  Builders are more confident in beginning projects, mortgage rates are at lows, rent rates are rising. All of these factors are indications that buying homes will become a more attractive option as compared to renting.

Though new homes represent a small fraction of the current real estate market, it's a very important fraction in terms of the economy and the “big picture.” The construction of new housing creates jobs and generates tax revenue, both of which are of a healing quality to the economy. The fact that homes are now being built at the fastest rate in almost four years is a good indication not only for folks in the Real Estate industry, but it is also a good indication for the economy that has suffered so extensively over the past few years.

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