A recent 13.7 million dollar parking structure was approved for the corner of 27th and Blake. The vision is that it will help alleviate the growing issue of game-day parking for the thousands of fans that commute into the city for America's favorite pastime at Coors Field.

The concept of a new parking garage for Coors Field is met with adversity by residents of the area, who expressed to the Denver Post in an article titled, “Parking garage near Coors Field won't solve game-day woes,” that they found the structure unnecessary.

Stadium officials disagree, reporting that over twenty percent of people who attend games travel over twenty miles to reach the stadium. This would indicate a pretty severe need for parking solutions, however the location in mind seems to be at the heart of public scrutiny.

The proximity of the structure to the stadium is about a half a mile, but critics point out that the area where the structure is to be erected typically has parking spaces that remain empty, even on game days. The thought of the city approving a 13 million dollar project that has the potential for limited utilization is unsettling to some residents.

The reality of the situation from stadium officials point of view illuminates the fact that a large portion of parking lots within a close proximity of Coors Field have been bought by developers, rendering them off-limits for public parking. The fear is that the problem will only get worse as more lots become unavailable for public use.

Though many details are still in the dark regarding this project for a new parking garage for Coors Field, top concerns include everything from money to necessity. Stadium officials are under the impression that the parking issue will be long-lived and not solved by the construction of this structure alone.

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