Stapleton air towerDenver and it's surrounding suburbs have been under some serious construction over the past few years. With the constant growth of the Light Rail and new high rises popping up all over town, the pulse of Denver real estate has never been stronger. Homes are selling at a record pace, new home construction rates are soaring, and residents have every reason to believe that the real estate industry is alive and well in Colorado.

A complete transformation at Stapleton

A testament to the booming industry is what is going on in Stapleton. Residents who have been in Denver for an excess of twenty years have seen the area go from an abandoned airport to a beautiful community just to the east of downtown Denver. Complete with many excellent dining options, a family friendly feel and plenty of nearby recreation (like a movie theater), the area appears to be a rather self sufficient community.

Exciting new downtown Denver neighborhoods on the way

With nearly 14,000 residents right now, it is one of the biggest neighborhoods in Denver. Plans for several new neighborhoods north of I-70 will nearly double the size of Stapleton. The new neighborhoods are being built with eco-conscious hands, and will have no problem selling in one of the most sought after areas to raise a family near downtown Denver.

According to an article in the Denver Post, the question at the center of everyone's mind is not whether or not the area will do well, but rather what is to be done with the iconic air control tower that construction is racing toward. Though no decisions have been made to date, the idea that the tower be preserved seems like a good way to pay homage to the sites past uses. After all, Stapleton Airport is undoubtedly an iconic portion of Colorado's history.

Despite what ends up being done with the tower, the fact remains that one of Denver's most successful new neighborhoods is about to get a lot bigger, and we could not be more excited to see it happen.

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