The snow on the distant peaks and the howling wind has announced another glorious Denver winter. As we start digging through storage lockers, tubs buried in closets and our friends’ garages one thing is for certain, our condo or loft just doesn’t have the room for all this winter gear.

Breckenridge ski area

Gloves, Hats, Scarves and Coats

It’s amazing how many “props” come with the winter snow. Not only are we inundated with several varieties and colors of scarves, but there are matching gloves, sweaters, flannels, hats and coats for every sporting and fashion event. Here’s a great idea we’ve seen. Take empty, and clean, paint cans and mount them to wall. Not only can you hang a coat on them but you can put your scarf, gloves, and hat inside. Check it out here.  Set up a few of these inside the door and you’ll have your most commonly worn items at your fingertips.

Another cool idea is finding some vintage lockers at a business liquidation sale, estate sale, or industrial salvage business. While you can buy these online, sometimes half the fun is the hunt, plus the payoff is awesome. They are amazing for storing sweaters, ski clothes, and all the accessories you might need for the nightlife in downtown Denver or for a great day of sledding.

Where to put Skis and Boards?

There is nothing worse than getting home from a great day on the slopes and having to lug all your equipment up and down the stairs to the storage locker or to offsite storage. While many stores sell conventional ski racks, it is also fun to have something that is a little more fun. Enter once again the mighty paint can. Hang them close enough together to allow the skis or snowboard to fit neatly in between. To keep from damaging the floor, you can also get carpet squares or multi colored dishwashing trays to trap the melting snow.

Another good option is to purchase a tall armoire and remove the inner shelving to create a hidden place to store your winter sport equipment. This can also work for year round storage of your winter clothing, equipment, and boots. Check out this site for another cool DIY ski storage idea.

Turn Book Shelves into Sweater and Hoodie Storage

Closet and drawer space are often at a premium in lofts and condos so use bookshelves to keep your sweaters and sweatshirts handy in the winter. Set up a large bookcase in your bedroom and in the winter store your books and other knick-knacks in favor of your outerwear. Combine colors and textures for a fun and exciting look.

Make Room for Winter

Finally, if all this seems a bit daunting, one easy idea is to simply swap summer for winter. Instead of renting a large space to store everything, simply store one season’s worth of stuff at a time. When the seasons change pull out the tubs and swap the contents. Make a commitment early to keep it lean and if it doesn’t all fit back in at the end of the season, donate or throw away unneeded items.

For more great ideas check out our other blog articles on storage here.

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Now get out there and enjoy the winter!

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