October is always a pretty exciting Month for Denver Loft and Condo residents.  It's not just the anticipation of the ski season or the start of football season.  Our Denver Loft clients have been talking about how much the city has been active with events.

Last weekend we had a spectacular day for the Denver Rock and Roll Marathon.  This half and full marathon weaved it's way through the city touching almost every great city park and winding through the many Denver neighborhoods such as City Park, Lodo, Downtown Denver, Wash Park, Cheesman Park, and Congress Park.  And our city turned out to cheer on runners with fans on the road along the path.

Then this weekend we begin the Halloween festivities with the Denver Zombie Crawl.  If you aren't familiar with this event you should visit the 16th street mall as Denver loft residents dress up as their favorite undead creation and try to set a new record for total zombies assembled.

The Halloween Festivities continue through the 31st with both the World Record Seeking Gorilla Run and so many Halloween Parties that the city is filled with costumed creations.

It's around times like these (which do occur almost every month) that we hear so much excitement from our Denver loft clients about how much they enjoy living in Downtown Denver.  So we thought perhaps that was something we should do a poll about.  What part of the Downtown Denver lifestyle is the most attractive?

We have heard so many great reasons.  Some love the freedom to walk, bike, or take public transportation everywhere they want to go.  Some love living in their Denver loft because of the surrounding restaurants or entertainment venues.  For our sports fans the city of Denver offers all 3 major sporting arenas within the Downtown Denver area.  And we can't forget the practical (and time freeing) benefit of the great downtown Denver business opportunities or the lack of commute.

Enjoy your Downtown Denver lifestyle everyone and please feel free to share your favorite reasons why you love living in a Downtown Denver loft.  Also let us know in a comment if we need to add your favorite reason.